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Welcome aboard Boxford MA Police Department!

Boxford, MA Police, selects ProPhoenix to improve its Public Safety Software solutions.

Increasing productivity, efficiencies, and improving officer safety are the focal point of ProPhoenix’s Software System. As a national leader and innovator in Public Safety Software, ProPhoenix has one mission, to create the most user-friendly, intuitive, and integrated system for First Responders. The fully integrated system utilizes the single-point-of-entry methodology across CAD, MOBILE, RMS, FIRE and JAIL to reduce the end-user workload. The truly integrated system uses known data from a single platform to minimize data entry from any application.

The ProPhoenix Software System improves Officer safety by leveraging all known data to increase pre-arrival and situational awareness through the Communication Center and at the fingertips of the Officer on the Street. ProPhoenix APP solutions keep the officers mobile and provide the same access to information as the in-squad computers.

With a single vendor designed, implemented, and supported Software System, data entered at the CAD or on the Street are easily accessed by the agency’s records personnel, one system-one stop.

ProPhoenix Citizen’s, web portal embraces community engagement by, improving transparency, accountability, and online service requests for the public. The public website bridges the accessibility gap between your residents and service providers.

To learn more about the ProPhoenix benefits and how we can support your agency’s mission, schedule a demo today.