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Phoenix Law RMS

Law Records Management Software

Law Records Management Software (RMS)

100% browser based client site license. Full NIBRS reporting.

ProPhoenix Law RMS Software starts with our all-inclusive site license giving you the ability to customize the modules you need with access for an unlimited number of users. Developed with 100% browser based technology on the Native.Net framework, ProPhoenix Law RMS allows you to experience a new level of integration, enabling access to your RMS from anywhere, at any time.

Phoenix Key Global Information Sharing™ (KGIS) allows all Phoenix users to share data amongst themselves via a secured internet connection to a central location, without duplicating the data. KGIS adopts the Global Justice XML/NEIM standard. Currently, all name and vehicle information, including mug shots and jurisdictional activity for the specific individual or vehicle, is available in KGIS.

No need for duplicate entries

Initial entries from CAD or Mobile managed through to reports or analysis.

Bad data easily detected and culled

Garbage In – Garbage Out data management. RMS system recognizes data errors and inconsistencies and allows system administrator control over data.

Intuitive records management system

We listen to our customers to provide data to the user the way that officers want. Menus are provided in an easy step by step format. 

Internal management

Managing your entire department from records to personnel to inventory through one program. Personnel, scheduling, equipment, fleet and more.

Data compliance

Our system automatically lays out reports data to several crime data standards such as NIBRS.

Report writing management

An Administrator can easily set required fields, approve reports, or leave comments for editing.

Business Intelligence/Crime analysis

Intelligence led policing is the norm. Comprehensive and easy to read, customizable reports show statistics and data maps for almost any set field of data.

“Whether you operate a single law enforcement agency or manage a project with multiple jurisdictions, Phoenix can be scaled to fit your agency’s needs now and in the future.”

Accounting and Billing

Generate invoices/billing
Aging report
Create permit fee schedules and calculate fees due
Payment ledgers


Schedule and record all agency agendas and scheduling calendars
Activity logging for non-incident related responsibilities

Alarm Billing and Accounting

Alarm registrations, year-end reports
False alarm tracking and billing
Track fees and invoices
Receive payments

Animal Control

Animal registration, fee tracking and licensing history
Case tracking, including the ability to track compliance
Medical and behavioral tracking and history
Bite report with quarantine tracking feature
Animal lost/found tracking
Animal cage and live trap rental
The Animal Name Search screen includes additional search fields for Address, Patrol Zone, Sub Zone, and Tracking #
Species and breed

Dynamic Business Intelligence Engine

PowerBI – visualize data and share insights across the agency or embed into application
Map based crime analysis
Business Intelligence dashboards
Custom dashboards based on job function
NIBRS data

Career Criminal/Sex Offender Registry Module

Separate tracking module for offenders such as sex, drug, and violent offenders
Verification reminders
Business Community notification with mail merge
Biometric interface
Google and HERE Map support
Map based proximity search to create address labels

Case Management

Review case reports, assign to investigation and manage investigator caseload
Auto create tasks and assign to prime with predefined deadlines
Track history of efforts with number of hours spent
Supplement report writing support
Reminder to review case and log history
Notify evidence when the case is closed
Send electronic DA package

Demographics Profile Report (Compiled using TS Profile, Citation, Arrest data)

New analysis report with data from:
-Traffic Stop Profile
-Citation data will be saved as JSON object (without the PDF form)
Comparison analysis with Median and Average %

Detail Work Billing

Track “detail” requests
Setup hierarchical order; assign jobs based on least number of hours worked
Track billing and officer pay amounts using Accounting Module

Document Management and Accreditation

Create and maintain policies, directives and SOPs
Send for review and upon approval, assign to personnel
Track assignment and “read history”
Employee access to their library (assigned documents)
Accreditation support

Employment Applicant Tracking Module

Manage applicants
Track hiring processes such as Tests, Interviews and Background Checks Approve and reject applicants and documents
Assign tasks to relevant personnel
If hired, link to Personnel module
Post jobs on the Citizen Services Portal and receive applications from CSP
Background check tracking such as reference checks, NCIC, and fingerprint

Enhanced Expungements

All expunged records are stored for view (with proper role permission)
Redaction support for CAD comments, Short Narrative, and Reports
Option to move the original reports to the Expungement Vault and keep the redacted copy as part of the case
View and reinstate (un-expunge) an expunged record
Redaction is done with build-in tools; Adobe Pro is not required


Available wherever a signature is required within Phoenix and PDF
Link to mobile device where user will hand sign signature on touchscreen
Send signature back to Phoenix as though it was signed using an ePad


Address management
Address flags and hazards
ESRI integration (auto populate and maintain geo records from ESRI)
Google and HERE Map support
Set up Geo fence; alert control entry and exit

Help Desk Module

New tickets can be created within RMS or received via email
Tickets can be updated, closed, or reopened via email
Track support calls, assign to proper resources, communicate and update the status to the requester until resolved
Multiple Help Desk support categories such as IT, Admin, etc.

Inventory and Fleet Management

Asset and expendable items tracking with barcode
Track assignment history with Check In/Out process
Create triggers for managers such as low inventory of expendables


Tracks training and special functions such as Narcotics
K9 incident reporting
Medical tracking
Dedicated training module with training aid 
K9 expense tracking
Walkthroughs and demonstrations
Certifications and Awards

Master Name Management

Integrated mugshot and photo line-up functions
Social media tracking (FBI 28CFR Compliance)
Name mining and mapping
Integration with Live Scan devices
Automatic text notification for name contact
Gang affiliations
Gun permits
Name alerts
Jail cell check with Cell Inspection Tracking
Electronic data transfer from arrest to jail pre-booking queue

Medical Examiner/Coroner Module

Manage Medical Examiner/Coroner case independently of the normal RMS case
Maintain case reviews and track efforts
Write Medical Examiner/Coroner Case Reports
Collect and track evidence separate from the Property Module
Support for PDF forms and custom PDF forms can be added
Designed for the Medical Examiner’s/Coroner’s office

NIBRS Compliance

Supports full NIBRS requirements for states
NIBRS validation option before report is submitted
Option to set a state charge to not be included for NIBRS
Automatic update for state charge updates

PDF Form integration in addition to QA Forms

In addition to Phoenix Q&A Forms, fillable PDF forms can be used
Data will be saved as JSON object (without the PDF form)
Entered data can be searched
PDF version number is saved with the data; new versions can be added

Property and Evidence

Property/Evidence management with barcodes and RFID
Track Chain of Custody (transfer, lab, court, return to owner, action, destroy etc.)
Automatic reminders when statutory limitation reached and when case investigation is closed
Audit tracking module
Pawn items support
Bicycle registration

Powerful Records Management Module

Report Writing: seamless workflow to and from mobile including narrative dictation from mobile app
Multi-level supervisor approval process
Support for redaction, sticky notes, markup in report and custom watermarks for report distribution
Local state compliant domestic violence module
Use of Force module (Federal standard)
Records Requests support with accounting
Permit module along with tracking fees and payments with accounting
Data purge support (Automatic and Manual)

Built-in Redaction

Redact Incident Reports within Phoenix without using Adobe
Search and redact text
Redact report fields
Save multiple redacted copies

Comprehensive Reporting

Analysis reports of response times
Automatic BOLO and CompStat reporting
Profiling statistics (if needed)
Simultaneous NIBRS and UCR reporting
Field interview search, entry, and reporting
Canned and customizable reports, SSRS reporting and support for Crystal Reports

Scheduling and Personnel Management

Time off management
Roster management
Injury reports and medical history
Performance evaluations
Work record


Integrated eTicketing
Crash reporting
Parking permits

Training and Certification

Track individual training and auto reminder for re-qualification
Certification and CEU tracking
Class and course tracking
Attach certificates


Tow record keeping
Tow rotation management
Master vehicle and boat management
Enhanced fleet log and mileage log (view from activity log)

Video Interview

Automated video encoding
Record interviews and attach the video automatically to the case
Add bookmarks on the video while recording for quick review of important information
View in-progress videos in real time from a remote workstation


Manage local wants and warrants
Maintain restraining/protective orders
Flag CAD and Mobile
State/Court interface wherever available

ProPhoenix Products

Shifting the Public Safety Paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and Mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment

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