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ProPhoenix Automated Property Report (PAPR) Portal

ProPhoenix Automated Property Report (PAPR) Portal

ProPhoenix PAPR is available to all Law Enforcement and Merchants regardless of their current records
management provider.

Pawn Merchants & Law Enforcement national web-based portal for reporting and tracking pawned, scrap metal and second-hand property. The PAPR portal connects Merchants and Law Enforcement through a robust application that allows Merchants to enter pawned, scrap metal or second-hand property into the portal, and Law Enforcement to search, flag, hold, and set alerts for stolen property.

Merchants enter pawned, scrap metal or second-hand property values through the nationwide web-based portal, collecting customer’s information, ID and the property being sold.

Law Enforcement is provided a list of the “Top Pawners” upon login. Users can sort using several provided filters to identify who is selling second-hand valuables in their community.

Law Enforcement can search the national database for property in the PAPR portal.

Law Enforcement can search “Pawners” by Name in the nationwide PAPR portal to see an activity history of people pawning valuables.

Law Enforcement can set Flags and Holds against property entered by Merchants into the nationwide PAPR portal.

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