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Our Vision

ProPhoenix is recognized as the dominant vendor in providing solutions to public safety agencies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest qualityfeature richintegrated, intelligence driven Public Safety Software offered at a fair price.  We are committed to vigorous innovation and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies.  We help save lives, protect property, and provide safety for Officers and the Community.

Our Focus

To continue as a leader in the public safety industry by providing solutions with state-of-the-art and cost-effective technologies. We are committed to develop public safety software utilizing the latest technologies centered on the Microsoft .NET architecture. Phoenix software was designed and architected from the ground up with multi-jurisdictional requirements in mind. A core belief of our company is to provide public safety with solutions that increase an agency’s ability to have latest information to the point of need. That means all available to the public safety Officer in the field as well as in the office.

Phoenix was designed:

  • With a single point of entry, so your officers and department personnel will not waste time entering the same information multiple times
  • To offer a competitively priced solution which maintains our high standards of quality products and allows for flexibility
  • To eliminate countless hours of officer down-time by allowing patrol officers complete RMS access

In the field, officers can write reports, import and access photos, correct and approve reports, access mug shots and demographic information, silent messaging and dispatching using our WDA mobile product along with other features. Keeping officers on the road is important but so are the efficiencies an agency will have by using this feature. In the offices we offer many more features such as analysis tools, extensive reporting capabilities, predictive analysis and business intelligence features.

Modern Technology

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ProPhoenix utilizes the latest tools developed by Microsoft to provide our customers with cutting edge solutions. ProPhoenix Law and Fire RMS software are true browser based RMS and are immediately available to all authorized users throughout your agency upon installation on the server. This means any authorized PC has immediate access by utilizing browser based software such as Google Chrome and MS Edge. This unique feature eliminates the countless hours of IT time normally spent on installation of client software.

When an update is loaded onto the server, it is immediately available to all authorized users without the need to update scores of client PCs. This same browser based technology allows your staff access to your RMS information anywhere in the world where internet or wireless broadband access is available. This feature allows your staff to stay in contact while away at conferences or training; it also offers your detectives RMS access to information while at another agency or location.

Going Paperless

ProPhoenix solutions are designed to allow an agency to go virtually ‘paperless’. Here are a few examples:

  • We allow most common types of file formats to be attached to a case, and create all of our incident reports in .pdf file format.
  • All reports can easily be emailed to requesting agencies or in response to open records requests from others.
  • Warrants, restraining orders, witness statements, criminal complaints, crime scene photos, digital recordings, and video files can all be attached to a case.
  • Our solutions eliminate the time and space needed to file citations, incident reports, and most other routine documents.

Phoenix makes it possible to follow an entire case and all of its components in our case detail tabs. For major cases, an agency can attach the initial 911 phone call, the radio broadcasts, any crime or accident photos, the written reports, name and property records complete with photos, witness statements, and the criminal complaint. This ability saves countless hours for clerks, staff, and officers as there is little need to check a myriad of filing cabinets or other devices just to get complete details for a case.

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