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Phoenix BOT

With artificial intelligence, the future of 911 communication is here!

In these challenging times of staff shortages and increasing stress levels among our dedicated 911 tele-communicators, we introduce a groundbreaking solution that promises to be a lifeline for our officers and a game-changer for the entire emergency response operation.

911 tele-communicators are often inundated with non-emergency calls and the pressure can be overwhelming. A system to alleviate the workload and stress is here now and promises to enhance the efficiency of your department’s response.

PhoenixBot, our innovative AI platform designed to address the mounting non-emergency calls that often take our tele-communicators’ valuable time and attention away from their critical duty of radio communication with our officers. PhoenixBot represents the future of 911 communication, and we are excited to say that the future is already here.

By leveraging the power of AI, our system can efficiently guide users through a series of easy to follow menu prompts to allow them to finish their non emergency calls. General QA, E requests, Alarm Calls and more are handled promptly by the AI system and automatically integrated into your CAD, Mobile and RMS System.

We are confident that with your support and the implementation of PhoenixBot, we will help alleviate workload stress, improve officer safety, enhance response times, and ultimately improve the safety of our community.

Key Benefits of using PhoenixBot over your traditional 911 call response system:

Rapid Response Times

Phoenix Bot processes calls in milliseconds, ensuring that non-emergency incidents are addressed promptly. No more waiting on hold or lengthy response times.

24/7 Availability

AI never sleeps. Our automated system is available 24/7, ensuring a consistent and reliable response to non-emergency calls, day or night.

Reduce Spam Calls

It isn’t just about streamlining non-emergency calls; it’s a versatile tool that can also significantly reduce the nuisance of spam calls, a persistent issue that hampers our operations and frustrates our staff.

Transcription, Translation and Summarization

Accurate transcription, translating from over 40 detectable languages
including English and Spanish. AI language based summarization of each call.

Cost Savings

Automating non-emergency call handling reduces the need for human intervention, saving you money on staffing and training while improving efficiency.

Enhanced Accuracy

Phoenix Bot is highly accurate in understanding and categorizing non-emergency situations, reducing the risk of errors.

Streamlined Workflow

Our Phoenix Bot seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and simplifying the call handling process.

ProPhoenix Products

Shifting the Public Safety Paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and Mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment