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Welcome aboard Hubbard County Sheriff's Office

Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office has selected ProPhoenix as its new Public Safety Software Provider. As a national innovator in the Public Safety Software sector, ProPhoenix maximizes single point of entry and data recall and eliminates data duplication through the most truly integrated system on the market. As a result, ProPhoenix improves agencies’ efficiency while simultaneously reducing the end-users workload. In addition, ProPhoenix’s complete system considerably increases Officer Safety by delivering critical pre-arrival information, improving Officer’s situational awareness, integrating a full line of APP-based solutions, and putting all known data at the Officer’s fingertips. ProPhoenix solutions are intuitive, integrated, and innovative, focusing on serving the needs of your Public Safety Providers.

ProPhoenix Citizen’s, web portal embraces community engagement by, improving transparency, accountability, and online service requests for the public. The public website bridges the accessibility gap between your residents and service providers.

ProPhoenix is proud to be partnering with the dedicated men and women who serve their communities with committed professionalism.

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