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RapidSOS Interface with Phoenix CAD

Receive valuable information from connected devices, such as mobile phones, automatically

All information from a 911 call is valuable.   Dispatchers are highly trained individuals in not only de-escalation principles, but also gathering the most important information and relying that information to first responders.   However, sometimes not all information can be received from the caller.   The caller may be unable to remain on the line long enough due to an emergency or disconnect, or unable to provide all needed information.   Every 911 call is different and in the world of emergency management, nothing is unexpected.

ProPhoenix is partnering with RapidSOS to deliver 911 information right from your CAD system.   E911 provides location information using triangulation from cell phone towers.  While this is very valuable, there are times when it is not as accurate as it needs to be.   With RapidSOS interface in Phoenix CAD, our software is able to provide PSASPs with the exact location and related life-saving data from any connected device.   With the full integration of our CAD, mobile and RMS systems, this information is immediately transferred to emergency responding units.

RapidSOS is able to provide this accurate information by working closely with major cell phone operating system such as Apple and Android.   Phoenix CAD with RapidSOS interface, will automatically display the information in a browser when the call is received.  In addition to achieving the exact coordinates, RapidSOS information automatically updates as the person is mobile.  Phoenix CAD will plot the coordinates on the map, and update automatically as the system updates.

For dispatch departments that are looking to improve their information gathering ability, we recommend the RapidSOS interface.   This is just a brief overview of the system, but we would be happy to talk to you about your current capabilities and needs.   Simply visit for more information on what’s available to you, and call us at 609-953-6850 to see how we can integrate all of this information into your CAD system.   If you are not a current user, we encourage you to look into our fully integrated system.   We have solutions for every department including Police, Fire and EMS.